Monday, February 15, 2010

Candy Shmandy

Can I just say - for a minute how sad I am that every major holiday has turned into a candy holiday?  Why does there have to be so much candy involved with everything we do?  I'm a little sick of it.  I have decided I am now an official Mom because I worry about the sugar intake of my children.
(I did before but man, after this holiday I have had an eye-opener)

I was so sad when I saw my kids go through their valentines and hardly read the cards.  They just read who gave it to them then riiipppp - off went the card in one pile (for the trash) and all the candy went into another pile (to eat). 

I remember getting valentines and saving them and showing my friends who gave me what card.  Care bears, wonder woman, cabbage patch, smurfs and barbie.  The boys gave star wars, gi joe and superman.  Those days are long gone and the candy is all the kids care about.  Sad!

This year I made little bag toppers and yes, I had the girls fill the bag with candy (5-6 pieces - 2 gummy bears, 1 gum ball, a sucker and a chocolate heart).  I am a hypocrite.  I just didn't remember from last year how much candy they would get.  

Next year?  I don't know what I'm going to do.
Easter?  The E-Bunny brings bathing suits and pool toys and sidewalk chalk and nail polish.
I have those glass jars on my counter.  What can I fill them with besides candy? 
I am so done with wrappers, and sugar and rotten teeth (I don't know if they have rotten teeth but after this weekend they probably do).

O.K. I'm done with my tangent. 
Don't judge me. 
I'm just trying to figure life out.
I haven't yet.


Sarah said...

I feel the EXACT same way!!! Especially since I've cut out sugar from my diet...I've been conscious of what is in my house for my kids...and the amount of candy that came home on Valentine's Day!!! (What they didn't eat right away I took and threw up in the highest cupboard...already forgotten about!)
I fill my jars with popcorn kernels (because my kids love making it in the air popper), granola for breakfast, and pretzels and raisins. Occasionaly low sugar muffins and cookies.)
I also use those same jars for crayons and markers and art supplies.
Love your blog.

uniquelynat said...

i SO agree! our easter bunny doesn't bring candy either. maybe a piece or two. but mostly useful stuff and other snacks- like pretzels and stuff. i hate all the candy! (except i love it) but i can not eat kids don't seem to grasp that concept. and i am suddenly the meanest mom when i say they don't need any more. UGH!!!

with any holiday involving candy we have started having them eat as much as they want and then getting rid of the rest. that way it doesn't linger. i hate when it lingers!

good luck!

Anny said...

Totally agree! My older boys have been on candy and pop deals for the last 6 years. They don't eat candy (except 5 on holidays or birthdays) and receive a reward. First candy deal their reward was a trip to Hawaii. They went 10 months without it at age 5 and 7. Well worth it. Rewards also have been $. Whatever works. My problem is that I am addicted to candy.

Mardi said...

I got my girls these cute little chinese take out looking boxes at the dollar store and put in a couple of "fortunes". Your choice of dinner, date with mom/dad to the movie of your choice and a trip to the ice cream parlor for ice. I also added 2 fortune cookies. Funny yet, low sugar. Payton used her choice of dinner fortune that night. Good luck.

Susie said...

Man Cara you are reading my mind! This was the first year Olivia understood the whole Valentine's thing. I was sad when she came home with a bag load of candy. It was like Halloween. I am going to link this post to my blog. Valentine's is especially about Love...not Lollipops. :)

Becca said...

Totally agree. And yes, we too gave out a piece of candy with our valentines, but if you don't..... what to do?

Ros said...

hehehe! I loved this, a great snippit of what swirls around in my head! So, for Easter, I used to give a wrapped gift, usually something nice. The kids HATED it! They were very nice about it though, they just came to me one at a time and quietly asked for a REAL basket, with a stuffed animal, and CANDY!

Crustacean Queen said...

I love the comment someone made, "Valentines is about Love not Lollipops!" I'm going to make it my theme next year. Well I wasn't too concerned about the candy...until I read your blog. You are abolutly right! Where do I sign the petition? Luckily for me I can say that my kids gave out crab erasers (don't be crabbie be my valentine) but only because I had a TON left over from another project. I'm so on board with if you could re-post this about the end of January next year...that'd be great! My memory isn't so fantastic! ☻ (BTW love the blog...I've been reading it for almost a year now, first time I've commented..sending love from Utah to Arizona!)

Crazymamaof6 said...

i kind of agree. my easter jars will be filled with candy. but nobody here gets to eat it, it's all for looks. oh wait. i fill mine with eggs, sparkle eggs. and other things i can't recall right now. and yes easter marshmallows. and candy. but again, it's off limits. purely decoration.