Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Opportunity For You

My friend Jen is amazing.  I knew she was amazing 20 years ago when I met her.  She is my cousins best friend and I have had the opportunity to learn from her on so many occasions.  She has 1924 friends on facebook.  That's the most I have ever seen!  Does that tell you how I'm not the only one drawn to her? She has the kind of spirit that makes you want to be near her.  Plus she's super smart, funny and dang cute!

I wanted to let you know of an opportunity to help Jen if you can.  She is going to Ethiopia to do research and to help the people there as part of Hope Arising and finish her Ph.D!  I told you she was amazing!  This is where I come in.  

She needs digital cameras for a project she is doing in Ethiopia.  

You can read about it HERE.  If you have an old camera that you would like to send to Ethiopia she would love to have it.  Or if you know of a way for her to get cameras at a discount please let her or I know.  She needs about 10 more.  I know most of us are probably using our digital cameras or we have given our old ones to our kids (I know that's what we did) but.........maybe, just maybe you have one somewhere that is collecting dust?  

Thanks for letting me gush about Jen!  If you want to read her blog you can do so here - JABRINK 

** question - what is the highest number of friends you have seen on Facebook?  That wasn't a celebrity but a real life person you know?

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*katie said...

Wow, I definitely can't beat 1924, but I have a friend with 935 friends...and I think that is after she un-friended a whole bunch of people because she decided they weren't really close enough to be friends:)