Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

Tips and Tricks and Other Stuff

10)  Give the kids a bucket, soap and water and let them go to town washing bikes for the afternoon.  Good clean fun is what I love to see my kids doing! 

bike washing

9) No matter how much you like these rolls, BUY them don’t try and MAKE them.  Unless of course you are a bread making expert.  Then by all means go right ahead and while you’re at it bring me a few.  These took three hours not one hour like it said on the box.  They were difficult and then not near as good as when I buy them at Desert Book.  I even watched the YouTube video on how to roll them (which was helpful) but still….not worth it.


8)  I think I have mentioned this before but am going to say it again.  I always have one side of my sink filled with hot soapy water.  I throw dishes in there as I am cleaning up around the house (because I am constantly finding cups and little bowls everywhere) to soak.  Then when I get a minute all I have to do is load them in the dishwasher.  I also do this because unloading the dishwasher is my most dreaded chore and I have given Cassidy that duty after school.   So instead of having stinky dishes with dried on food sitting around most of the day they sit in nice hot water just like I would like to do. (wink).    sink

7)  I also soak my cookie sheets and let the hot water do the work for me.  No scrubbing here.  I learned this early on – let the cleaner do the work for you.  Spray the table, counters, tub, mirrors and wait a few minuets.  The cleaner does the work and all you have to do is wipe it clean.  No effort!  Just don’t spray and walk away and forget.  Then you have stuck on food and dried cleaner and you have to start all over.  I have done this a few times.  Can you tell?

6)  Let the six year old clean as much as she likes – and she likes to clean.  Last night she volunteered to clean out and organize all the VHS and DVD’s in our cupboard.  See that large pink CD case?   We threw out all the DVD plastic cases and put all the DVD’s the kids can watch in that.  We still have some DVD’s in their cases because I need to get another holder.  This way it’s easy to grab and take to the next room, on a trip, over to Grandma’s whatever.  I learned this from Mindy – she’s so smart!

top 10

5)  These are my #1, #2, and #3 cleaning friends.  Windex I use on everything thanks to Clover Lane.  The other two are amazing in the bathroom and kitchen.  I even used the greased lightning on my bro-in-law’s pants yesterday that had plumbing grease all over it.  The pants came out of the wash good as new!  The scrub free will get all the hard water off your shower door and make it look brand new.  You just need a few squirts and a brilo pad.


4)  This is my new favorite tip.  I am a green onion junkie.  I use them on anything and everything.  Omelets, tacos, chili, Hawaiian Haystacks, salads, etc. I am trying to grow them in my garden but I haven’t had much luck….yet.  I read that once you use your green onion tops, just stick the bottom white part of the onion in a cup of water and they will re-grow.  I had to try it and TA-DAH!!!!  This is after a week!  A brand new bunch of free green onions.  I wonder how many times this would work? 

green onions

3) I got this cute Family Home Evening idea from this blog.  She’s one of my new favorites.  Our family had so much fun ‘heart attacking” the kitchen.  The girls had already made a ton-o-hearts while I was taking my Sunday nap so I thought what’s a few more?  I love the idea of writing what we love about each member of our family on a heart.  Makes the person feel extra special!jan 20102

2)  In church last Sunday one of the speakers talked about how important it is to not get in a slump.  One of the ways to get out/ keep out of said slump is to get up and get dressed every morning.  Sounds like a simple thing to do but she swears by it.  She even has given it as homework to her patients that suffer from depression.  They are surprised by how easy it is yet how much good it can do.  I have noticed a big difference in my days since I have been doing it.  I get a lot more done and have been feeling much more productive which in return makes me feel happy. (picture from gap)gap

1)   When people tell you that no one will notice your adult braces –


Everyone notices.  Everyone, adults, children, strangers, dogs, you name it they notice.  Luckily I only have to have them on for two months.  Just some minor adjustments.  I got them because we took Cassidy in for braces for her birthday.  That’s all she wanted.  While we were there the Dr. stuck Tom and I in the chair and slapped braces on us too.  So our new saying is:

“The family that has braces together, stays together!”

braceface copy

Have a happy Tuesday!


onehm said...

This post totally made me smile.

uniquelynat said...

awww. you look so cute with braces!

this was a great post! thanks for all the tips!!!

Susie said...

love the braces. it's like your 14 again. and even better that your hubs has them with you. too cute.

Kass said...

You make braces look good I tell ya! I always wanted them...maybe there's still hope!

Dancin Queen said...

Cute cute cute!

My husband got braces this morning. :) hee hee. I still haven't seen him yet because he went straight to work. Can't wait.

Webb Family said...

What a wonderful post!
I need to have my kiddos wash there bikes, they would have a blast!!
I LOVE your sink full of warm water idea. Doin' it for sure!
Paige has all her DVD's organized like you. I have done half but also needed to get another case still & haven't-it's been over a year:(
Sorry for the very LONG comment. Oh and you look so cute & young with your braces.