Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

Random Top 10
I had a plan for today's post - but - life happened so I'm going with randomness instead.  Hope you don't mind.

10) I took all the candy out of the house and hid it.  The girls gave it up without too much drama.  I think they were as sick of it as I was they just didn't know it.  It's out of sight-out of mind until Friday after school.  Then they can have some of it back for a weekend treat.  

9) The same day I took away the candy/treats my neighbor delivered the Girl Scout Cookies.  Blast!  They are hidden away too.  I might of snuck some Samoas but if I did I'm not telling.

8)  Monday was a school holiday and Wednesday is a half-day.  Why can't the school system plan that a little better.  Give people a four day weekend so we could maybe go somewhere if we choose to.  

7)  I told Tom that I wanted to go on a hike this weekend.  he looked at me and said, "Who are you and what did you do with my wife?"  Funny as it may be, I'm feeling soooo good that a hike actually sounds fun instead of pure torture.  It's amazing really!

6)  Last night I sent the girls to their rooms to read before bed.  Tom and I were watching the Olympics and didn't want to get up yet to tuck them in.  The decided to write songs instead.  I was pretty impressed with both of the songs they came up with.  Cassidy is still working on hers.  It's called Paradise and Abby wrote out the lyrics to "I Gotta A Feeling" from the Black Eyed Peas (I think that means she is listening to that song way too much!)  Her other song was titled Magic Broom.  

5)  I got my braces off today.  I'm very excited.  Tomorrow I go pick up my retainer.  I have the worst gag reflex and getting those molds into my mouth was worse than two months of braces.  Seriously I about lost it so many times.  I was hoping I wouldn't since the Ortho is a friend/client of Tom's.  How embarrassing is that, "Uh....your wife just hurled all over the office can you come pick her up?"  Yeah, pretty embarrassing.  Good thing I kept it all together.

4)  It's been so nice this week.  I am just soaking up every second of the sunny days we are having.  You can't keep my inside!  This is almost my favorite time of year.  Another few weeks and the orange blossoms will bloom and then it will be my favorite time of year.  Nothing is better than an entire town (or should I say....multitude of towns) smelling like orange blossoms.  Nothing I tell ya!

3)  I just had my grill repaired for the 3rd time.  It was under warranty which I added for $34.00 after it broke.  Now wait, hear me out.  It's not that old.  A year maybe?  And it wouldn't light when you pushed that lighter button.  So since it never really worked to begin with I didn't feel bad about adding the insurance after the fact.  Good thing I did.  The repair man had to come three times to get it fixed for a grand total of $753.87 that I didn't have to pay.  I think we paid $250 for the grill.  The service man said that Sears will just keep fixing it instead of replacing it no matter the cost.  That's how they work.  Does that sound economical to you?  It sure didn't make sense to me.

2)  I re-found a fun blog today - Hooked on Houses.  Everything house is my kind of favorite.  I'm sure I have linked to it before but when I got my new computer it didn't have any of my saved blogs.  So I'm starting over.  I had a good time re-visiting this blog.  

1)  I want to do the 40 bags in 40 days that Sarah is doing over at Clover Lane.  She's doing a bunch of cool things for Lent and I am on board with getting rid of 40 bags of junk.  I always have a bag in the laundry room that I fill and take to the thrift store.  I do this at least once ever two weeks.  In fact I just gave away a bag of shoes to jenifer and a BIG bag of clothes to brook for Kennedi.  But 40 bags?  All at once?  I would feel so free!!!  I am going to start on the garage tomorrow.  I'm so excited.  Just think - when spring comes I will already be done with my spring cleaning!!!  

♥What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
♥Do you like to hike - where should we go that's semi easy?
♥Are you on board with the 40 bags in 40 days idea?  Do you think you can do it? 


Kass said...

Fun post-as usual Cara & can I say I'm eccstatic you're feeling so good and even more eccstatic you're thinking about coming for Conf. I can't wait to hear!

?'s samaos all the way. 40 bags around my house would probably not be too hard if you include my garage & I actually went through my old teaching stuff...

Sarah said...

It's easier than I thought...I went hog wild yesterday!
You are so funny...
I always think that about the school system and days off too!
And the Girl Scouts cookies...just had some dropped off...I am still going strong though and haven't touched them! Not easy with Thin Mints!

Vidal's Nest said...

Ok, who the heck is selling the cookies?
I've been trying to find some so I could mail them in my stepson's care package at the mtc!

*katie said...

Thin mints and somoas. Definitely.

40 bags? Wow. We're moving soon so we definitely have stuff to get rid of, but truthfully, I will be adding about 40 bags (probably way more) to our life since most of our life has been packed away for the 2 years we've lived with my parents. It's going to be like we just got married
+ Christmas when I open up some of those boxes!

And since I don't live near you (and really don't hike), I have no hiking suggestion :(

Jenifer said...

I totally have sympathy for the mouth molds. Remember when I got mine done in school? She had to do it like six times. I thought I would die.
Loved all the shoes by the way. Thanks so much!

Anny said...

Laughing at the gag story. Sam's assistant gave me the stuff for my night guard mold and I almost died. Same as you, it took everything out of me to keep from... So sorry. I wish I had forty bags of anything. Maybe next year I'll join ya:)
Girl Scout cookies? How did I miss that?

Kristi said...

Thin mints all the way!

I like to do the Telegraph Pass hike on South Mountain. It's short, but would probably not be good for you. From the same trailhead you can take another one called Desert something...It's really long but mostly flat from what I've heard, doesn't go up the mountain. Look here: http://www.phoenix.gov/parks/hiksogud.html