Monday, March 15, 2010

Amberly's List

Friday Amberly had a friend come home with her from school.  It was a half day and they were going to have a "Late Night"  We don't do sleep overs but Late nights are great and seem to make everyone involved happy.
I told Amberly Friday morning to make a list of all the fun things her and Karlee wanted to do when they got here.  I thought it was funny that they hopped in the car with thier list in hand ready to go!
I told you my kids loved lists.
I thought it was too cute not to share.  I'll write it out how they wrote it and then translate:

Lat Nigt  -  Late Night
my cat love  -  love my cat
cady  -  candy
mit go choping  -  might go shopping
go see a movy  -  go see a movie
play with my goldfishs  -  play with my goldfishes
pelo fite  -  pillow fight
Barbies  -  Barbies
Gams  -  Games
Jup on Tap  -  jump on tramp
play poll  -  play in pool
jesup  -  dress-up
p.j.s  -  P.J.'s
Peyano  -  piano
roller scating - roller skating
Seriously, is Amberly too cute or what?  I just love her.  I love 1st grade and how excited she is to read and spell and make lists.  I love the list they came up with and I love her spelling and handwriting.   I also love how she used the back of the page in the notebook instead of a fresh new page. 
And most of all I love how her and her friend followed that list and even added more as they went along!
Being 6 is pretty fun I tell ya♥

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Shelly said...

Love the late nights! that is a rule here too! Hey I came across this and thought you might like to make it for your family!