Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Friday

Last night went MUCH better.  Cassidy's cough is 60% better.  Thank you lovely Doctor and Nurses at that amazing hospital.  I got to sleep almost all through the night!  Love YA!

Since today I don't have anything fun planned with my friends and I'm going to be stuck home cleaning all day I thought I would make my blog have Fun Friday instead.

I have found some fun new blogs lately and thought I would share.  I'm no Today's Creative Blog but I do like to blog hop now and then and I love finding new fun blogs to drool over.

Here are some of my new favorites:

recipes with pictures!  I love new recipes and am going to be trying some of these very soon!
She makes rainbow cupcakes!!  I want to make these.  
I should have made them for St. Patty's Day!
and guess what?  They post recipes!!
Right now they have my favorite:
Mandarin Spinach w/ Caramelized Walnuts - YUM!
this girl is building her dream house and she has the most cleaver ideas to make it hers.   
Hello flowers and pretty things! 
Hello more pretty things and pictures of houses!
Holly Mathis Interiors 
Have I mentioned that I want to re-do my front room.  
Hence the oogieing over house pictures.
And Last: Crafty Storage 
I love this because I am in cleaning mode over here 
and need all the help with storage for the stuff that I don't throw away.

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Kass said...

I love catching up on your blog! It is so fun and interesting to read and your personality shines through! It makes me miss you soo much though! I'm glad everyone is better at your house & that the staycation was a success. I think we're doing the same thing next week for our spring break.