Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horse Camp

I had nothing fun planned for Spring Break.  It was Tuesday and I was starting to get desperate.  I needed to have something memorable for them to do even if it was only for one day.  I turned to Google my trusty pal to help me in my desperate state.  And that my friends is where I struck GOLD!

Marley Farms saved the day!  
I enrolled the girls in Horse Camp 
and they are in HEAVEN!!

The girls get to learn all about horses, feed, brush, bathe, saddle and ride to their hearts content.  They also have realized that horses are A LOT of work and take A LOT of money to care for.  I'm hoping it will make Cassidy think twice about wanting one.  

Plus the guy that owns it is a former D-Backs baseball player and Cassidy got to hang with him today while she was riding.  Pretty cool 'eh?  The camel and Zonkey (zebra+donkey) isn't so bad either!  They have a petting zoo the girls get to play in after camp.  I think Spring Break is being fun even though we didn't go anywhere!

I'm just loving this camel!!!!


Mardi said...

That is awesome! Payton would love to do that. Either though we have horse all around us (not ours). Payton's dad said she could get a horse when she turns 10. That is only 2 more years!!!! I am not ready for the responsibility.

Crazymamaof6 said...

way fun!

Becca said...

That is a great idea. Never knew there was a horse camp. Never heard of a Zonkey either.

Susie said...

A zonkey?! Oh my goodness. I am going to the site. This is right up our alley.