Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

10. my neighbor and family is taking the entire spring break to drive leisurely up the california coast all the way to oregon.  i am green with envy.  i'm not a fan of long drives but that-my-friends sounds so fun to me.  she is doing updates on facebook every time they stop.  it's so fun to read what they are doing each day.  makes me homesick just thinking/reading about it.
9.  blogger is being weird.  i don't know what it's problem is but it's bugging me.  it won't let me return and why haven't they figured out how to let us use our own fonts? 
8.  i went to work out again last night.  i'm on a roll and it feels great!  zumba tonight. anyone want to come?
7.  i want to re-do my front room.  new couch, chair, paint, curtains, lamps, etc.  i can dream right?  i'm dreaming everytime i watch sara's house on hgtv.
6.  i finally got a brand-new dishwasher 2 years ago.  my 1st brand new one ever.  it is now broken.  they don't make things like they used to and i am washing dishes by hand.
5. i love spring colors more than winter colors.  pinks, greens yellows and i'm even into orange!  these are so much prettier than browns and blacks.  blacks might be slimming but color makes me happy!
4. st. patricks day is one of my favorites.  not because i'm irish - i'm not, not because i like the food- i don't, but because my favorite color has always been green
3. i have yet to plan our "staycation".  any ideas i can do with my girls that's fun, close and almost free?
2. my girls are selling flower clips they made to anyone and everyone. they turned out so darling.  
1. today i h.a.v.e. to do laundry.  it can't wait another day.  feel sorry for me?  i do. 


Kristi said...

K, I totally saw you at the gym on Sat! I thought it was you but wasn't sure...should have just said hi anyway! I was actually planning on zumba tonight - see ya there!

Erin said...

We did a craft day today with some friends and on thursday we are having the kids go to the "movies" at a friends house complete with a concession stand.

Kristi said...

oh yeah, and you can take your girls to kiddie zumba on Sat! that would be so cute!

Lauralee said...

love zumba.. .I am going in the am. if you were in your neighbor's car, you might make it! :) providing my kids are better.
WHERE Is your wet sock treatment? I can't find it? I am desperate, my kids are so sick and I thought last night, I have got to look that up and try it! will you email me? or tell me on my blog? I would love it!

Lauralee said...

thank you thank you thank you!
he has the wet socks on.... I hope he will keep them on! thanks for fixing that for me!

Crazymamaof6 said...

great list.

we stayed in town swam, went to jump and shout, with 10 kids it's only 5 bucks a kid. um the drive in. we saw alice in wonderland Tuesday night and then tomorrow night we are going to see diary of a wimpy kid at the drive in again. love the drive in. adults are $6.50 and kids age 5-11 are a buck. CHEAP. tuesday night adults are $4.50 each. love love love it. we do it in the summer lots too.

today we hit the park all day with friends and had a picnic lunch. whoohoo! and i got sunburned. :(