Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teacher Gift Ideas

Right now I am in the middle of planning a going away party for Amberly's amazing teacher's aide and planning my end-of-the-year teacher gifts for Cassidy and Amberly's teachers.

I am the room Mom for Amberly's class and next week we are having a party for the aide, pizza, drinks and cookies.  Each child is bringing in a new or used book for her soon-to-be-classroom-library and $5 for the pizza and gift.  I'm going to go and get gift cards for her to use next year when (and if) she has her own classroom.
I'm hoping it will look something like this:  From HERE

The girls over at 2 Clever Blog always have something amazing going on and they are cute and funny too!  I have gotten a lot of great ideas from them and I promise - I always give them the credit!

Anyway, I thought I would share what I have done in the past and which I hope to do again this year.
I already have in the works for Amberly's teacher the 101 Things We Love And Will Miss About You gift.  You can read all about it HERE.  It's the best teacher gift I have ever seen! (1st photo-Cassidy's 2nd grade teacher gift - 2nd photo Amberly's kindergarten teacher gift)

We also make a t-shirt for the girls to wear to school on the last day.  They love having their friends sign it and then they get to wear it to bed at night and feel the love of their friends and remember what a fun year they had.  You can read about that post HERE  (I wish I knew how to re-post a post so you didn't have to keep clicking off this page!)  And yes...that IS a picture of Cassidy surfing on a surfboard!

Here's what I did last year for the girls in the front office at school, the school nurse, the cutest bus driver ever and all the aides, helpers and Principal.  

Cassidy's teacher this year is such a DOLL I want to do something extra special for her.  I'm not the room Mom so I'm not even going to attempt to to the $$$ idea.  She loves gum so I'm trying to come up with some cute gift that has TONS of gum in it.  And not gumballs, real minty gum!  Any ideas for me friends?

Here's a link with cute sayings and gift ideas: skip to my lou

I guess that's it for now.  After trying to find all my old posts I have realized that I need to organize my labels really, really badly.  Seriously, I almost gave up on this post.  And I'm sure there are more ideas but...I can't find them.  Sorry about that. 

For now - I'm going to bed!  I'm so tired♥


Anny said...

Great ideas. I always forget about teacher gifts until the last minute and hurry and buy something silly.

Twins plus one... said...

How about "thanks for adding some excite"mint" to our daughter's school year!"
I'm sure you will find a more than adorable way to package it...
Love your ideas!