Thursday, May 20, 2010


We just got back from Disneyland yesterday.  We had a blast!  Amberly hadn't been since she was four so it was high time we got our fix.  She begged and pleaded so much Tom caved and we went right after his Graduation on Saturday.  I have to be honest....he wanted to go just as bad as Amberly did.  He's the best Disneyland Dad ever!

I have pictures galore that I'm sure I will be posting but for now I wanted to do a
TOP 12 of my Favorite Disneyland moments:

12) People Watching.  This is so darn fun.  I play a game with myself while I am waiting for the Fam on the scary rides (I don't do scary rides) I try and see if I can see any famous people.  If they aren't really a famous person I pretend they are.  It's fun!  You should try it!
11) We went to the Aladdin Show.  It's a Broadway production of Aladdin that is AMAZING!  So glad they brought it back.  Worth the long wait and annoying people all around us in line.
10) Amberly was so excited to go she packed all her stuff 3 weeks ago.  She had 3 bags just for things to do in the car.  It sat by the door and I didn't even complain about it being there.
9)  Our kids are the best travelers.  They pack by them selves, they sleep most of the way, they pull their own luggage, they stay right by us so we always know where they are.
8)   We got to do two new things we had never done before!  So exciting.  We got to go inside Sleeping Beauty's Castle - which was amazing.  Sleeping Beauty has always been a favorite at our house and the castle has always been closed.  It was the best of both!!  We also got to eat at the Blue Bayou Restaurant that is part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  It was so fun.  I had the Jambalaya and Tom had the Monte Cristo Sandwich.  They even gave him dessert because he had a Just Graduated pin.  The girls loved it because you get to see the restaurant every time you ride the ride and this time we got to see the riders riding the ride while we were eating.
7)  I rode the Raiders of the Lost Ark ride for the 1st time.  I don't like roller coasters but the girls begged and pleaded so I did it.  Tom held onto me the whole time so I wouldn't get whiplash and I laughed uncontrollably.  I think I do that when I'm scared, but I didn't get whiplash thanks to my sweetie♥
6)  The girls hopped onto Grizzly River Run first thing the 2nd day.  They were soaked and then they went again.  There wasn't a line because it was freezing cold that day and it stayed freezing cold the entire time!  I carried around wet sweatshirts all day and had to look at blue lips and chattering teeth.  We left early, went to the Disneyland Outlet store (our little secret) and loaded up on new warm sweatshirts for the girls.  Best money I spent all week!
5)  I loved how Cassidy tried to play it cool and not seem too excited about everything we were doing but in reality she was the most excited!  She was a good sport and let Amberly pick out most of what we did since it all was new to her.
4)  Amberly carried around a map of the park each day in her pocket.  After each ride she would whip out the map and ask, "where are we?" and then decide where we were going next.  By the end of the trip she had gone through three maps and done everything twice except Pirates (we did this one a lot!) which is her favorite ride♥   I loved how wrinkled and folded that mad was each time she took it out - proof that we were having fun.
3)  Cassidy went to buy her Daddy some popcorn per his request while we were waiting for the parade to start and upgraded his request to an extra large in a fun Disney container and paid for it with her own money.  She is so sweet.
2)  The look on Amberly's face when they pulled her out into the parade dance party.  She was on cloud 9!  Her face was so happy and she danced her heart out.  There is no fear in that girl!
1)  The best part was spending four whole days with my little family.  We loved every minute of it and I feel so blessed to have such beautiful, kind, sweet and caring daughters and one handsome, giving, fun Husband all to my self.


Crustacean Queen said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I'd have to say I think your #1 is right on mark. I still have never been to Disneyland but hope to make it some day! Smiles.

Crazymamaof6 said...

love it. sounds so fun!

*katie said...

so fun! i'm quite spoiled since I have disneyland passes, but I'm definitely excited to go when my boys are a little older and experience things differently. Two 3 year olds at disney are quite a handful!!

uniquelynat said...

sound like it was super fun. addie wants to go to disney SO bad. she's never been. but i'm thinking if we make it our to cali this summer we will be going to the beach and re-visiting where she lived before we got her. i think she'd enjoy that ALMOST as much.

Think Pink said...

Do tell about your little Disney Outlet secret?! Where the heck is that?!
Sounds like you had a great time! We ♥♥♥ Disneyland, too! We are suprising the boys with a trip there after the last day of school! SHHHHHHH!

Anny said...

I'm so jealous! We need to take our little family before they grow up! Love your top 12 list, I will use this for sure!