Friday, May 7, 2010

I have an embarrassing story to tell. Two actually..............

picture by Ashley @ sunshine and shade photography

The other night I was out to dinner with the hubby.  It was at my favorite place - Charlestons.  I love it.  I save it for special occasions like my birthday/anniversary.  Then it stays special.  We went there with some of the hubby's clients so it was extra special because we like these clients.  They are so fun and tell the most hilarious stories.  Anyway, as I was eating and listening to the funny stories I saw a couple I recognized across the room.  You know when you see someone but can't quite remember how you know them?  That was me.  I was racking my brain cause I just knew I knew them.  Finaly after about an hour it hit me.  And then I was so embarrassed!

I read her blog! 

Now...the story continues.  Go forward two days to Sunday.  We went to Tom's brothers ward (church service) and as I am walking in I see this family I know sitting on the couch waiting to go in.  (it's a different family than the one above)  They all turn and look at us as we walk in and I recognize them so I wave and smile.  Then I realize that I know them because:
I read their blog.

I know these people because I read all about them.  It's like they are movie stars.  They're real and have real lives and I know all about their lives but.......I don't know them.

Now let me confess.  I have been reading blogs for over 4 years.  I have my favorites that I read daily and most of them I comment on when I read them.  I also have made many new friends through blogging (and in real life) so I'm not a stalker per say but I do read some blogs and don't comment.   

These two happen to be the ones I don't comment on.  
What are the odds.

I loving blogging because I learn so much from all these amazing talented wonderful women.  I have learned how to be a better photographer, scrapbooker, crafter, hair clip maker, cook, house cleaner, speller, neighbor, room-mom, shopper, sister, friend and Mother. I have totally given up buying magazines because they don't give me near as much reading pleasure as blogging does. 

I mean The Pioneer Woman has literally changed millions of lives because that woman can do gosh darn everything!   And we want to be just like her (or at least kind of like her). 

I was talking to one of my favorite blogger/friend the other night at bunko.  We both read each others blogs and then met in real life years ago.  We have been great real life/blog friends ever since.  We told each other when we met it was kinda was like meeting a movie star.  Awesome.

So my question to you my bloggity friends that read my blog,
Do you think I'm a stalker or just a normal gal reading and learning from others?
Would you have gone up and introduced yourself to the above said bloggers or kept quite like me?
If you saw me in real life and we had never met would you introduce yourself?
(I hope you would...I love meeting new blogging friends)
And if I threw a blogging party and invited all my favorite blogs to be there...would you come?


Grandma T. said...

I check your blog just about every day. I love keeping up with you and your family. Happy Mother's Day! You are one of the great ones. xxoo

Erin said...

You bet your buns we would come.

I think it is stalking. But the legal kind. I mean, we all keep blogs so that others can read them. Right?

We sort of volunteer to be stalked.

This has happened to me. In fact. Once I knocked on someone's door, because I recognized it from their blog. Kind of creepy huh. She welcomed me in and we laughed about it.

Erin said...

I don't think you are a stalker, I do the same thing. Although I guess that could just mean that we are both stalkers! I like to think I would introduce myself to other bloggers but I doubt that I really would. And if you threw a blogging party I would totally come and I think you totally should throw a party!

Sarah said...

I think that is awesome. I love when someone comes up (never by recognizing me, just hearing from a friend of a friend) and say, "Please don't think I am weird, but I read your blog everyday." I SO much would rather have that, then have someone who does NOT admit it or be secretive about it...that's weirder to me!
I think we all would feel flattered to be "recognized"!
And I would totally come to your blog party..especially if you payed for my airfare! :)

Mardi said...

How do you find all the blogs that you read? Do you do a search on google with certain topics? Just wondering..... See you this summer. We are going to porbably come in August. I know the hottest time of year but it is the only time I can find where we can spend a few weeks there.

onehm said...

I totally read some blogs that I don't know the people...I think it's human nature to be curious, especially when they are fun, or creative, or great decorators! :)
Also, I have been recognized in the temple by a gal who read my blog...she totally said hi and that she felt like she knew me because she reads about me. I was flattered.

Nikki said...

I don't know you, but yet I do know alot about you. If I saw you in real life, I would totally say hi. :) There are lots of bloggers that I would enjoy becoming real life friends with. Now if I ever get back to blogging and commenting more maybe that could happen. Most of the people I read are out west so I don't run into any out here in NY. bummer.

Lynn F. said...

Oh I definitely fall into the stalker category, and let me tell you why. My family and I were shopping at Tempe Marketplace when Stephanie Nielson walked by. Yes, Nie Nie!!! I thought I was going to faint. I have followed her blog since before her accident and read it almost daily. So I did the only thing I could do...I followed her! She went into GAP Body and I went in and pretended to shop until I got up the nerve to go up and say hi. She was very nice and talked to me for a while, even though I must have looked like a total stalker! I seriously almost whipped out a pen and paper for an autograph. It was just like meeting a celebrity. Afterwards I felt kind of ashamed and my family thought I was nuts, but all in all I am glad I met her.

Becca said...

What a great story. I'm not sure what I would do. I probably wouldn't say anything, but I don't think it would be called stalking. Just learning from a great family, right? I would love to come to a bloggers party. If I could get there cheap. :)

Ros said...

I think I would definately introduce myself. How fun, right?!
Except of course if I was having an inside out day, which sometimes happens... and then I wouldn't. I guess I am as human as we come.

I think we should all comment more, but I sometimes don't know what to say. I love staying connected. or at least reading blogs... does that count for being connected? So am I a stalker?!

Megan said...

This made me laugh.
I think you are thinking too much into it. People blog for others to read, if they didn't want you reading/stalking they would go private.

If I "ran" into you somewhere I would probably ask for your autograph!

*katie said...

I would definitely say hi to you:) And I read way too many blogs of people I don't know...typically because they are crafty/good at photography/or decorate their house super awesomely:) My husband always asks me if I know the people's blogs I'm reading...usually the answer is No:)

uniquelynat said...

k- you have talked about doing a blogging party before. i think you should do it. i bet everyone you invited would come! and i think you should have introduced yourself. because it's always flattering to know that people think you're cool. and, well, who wouldn't just love you anyway!? you're funny cara!