Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Called Crazy

Today has been one heck of a crazy day.
I have been going full speed ahead since 6:30am
It's the end of the year for the girls at school.
I'm going to have a 6th grader and a 2nd grader EEEK!
I missed my sweet friend Ashley's baby shower and.....
I didn't get over to SIL's house to give her her birthday present.
I'm lame.
But I did get up early, exercise, go to work, make a teacher gift, go to two banks trying to find crisp new $1 bills, went through a drive through for lunch on my way to Mindy's to learn how to make laundry soap (oh it's good and only $.03 a load!), ran to the school to finish teacher gift by interrupting P.E. class to ask little 1st graders questions, picked the kids up, rode our bikes with Cassidy to Activity days, came home and called a few parents to get more answers for teacher gift, rode back to pick up Cassidy at Activity Days, rode home, got in the car and went to Old Navy, Sams Club and Wal Mart for Cassidy's teacher gift, picked up Subway for dinner on the way home (it's now 7:45pm) ate dinner while glueing the 1st grade teacher gift and keeping one eye on the Suns game, wrapped Cassidy's teacher gift, helped Abby write her card, cleaned up dinner (and nothing else - the house is a disaster!) and got the kids in bed.  I am now running a nice hot bath while I am typing this and it's almost done so I have to go.


Erin said...

I would love the laundry soap recipe!

Anny said...

Amen sister! Busy, busy! But you're almost done. I still have 1 more week, ugh.