Sunday, May 9, 2010

Memories of my Mom

Today is Mothers Day.  It's been a wonderful day.  I have been spoiled rotten by my sweetie and my girls.  I am blessed to have them in my life.   I am missing my Mom today and thought I would honor her in my Mothers Day post.  My brothers helped my out by sending me a special memory of her.  My youngest brother is at the hospital with his youngest who broke his leg last night so he will be sending something over later and I'll do an update. 
We miss our Mom especially today.  I'm hoping she can read blogs in heaven and that she knows how much we love her and miss her. 
From Me:
I always knew my Mom loved me. She always made sure to tell us each and every day sometimes multiple times.  I wasn't always as verbal in telling her I loved her and I regret that. 
One of my favorite memories of her was when I had to go up to San Fransisco on a monthly basis to see a Dr. in my early stages of arthritis.  It was a long 2 hour drive one way and it was very uncomfortable for me to sit that long.  We made it a tradition to find different outlet stores to visit while we were in the city.  I couldn't wait to make that drive each month because I knew we would be going on a shopping treasure hunt!  It made all the difference in how I looked at those awful trips! 
She also taught me a valuable life lesson and one that I know has helped me keep a positive outlook on life with my many trials.  She would always tell me that:
"you make the difference."
Every time I would come upon a crossroad in my life I would stop and remember that I could choose to look on the positive side and be happy or I could let it bring me down.  I am proud to say that I mostly choose the positive side of life and I have never been disappointed.
She also somehow managed to empower us with self sufficiency.  I'm not quite sure how she did it but all four of us are very independent and can do anything we put our minds too.  This is a very powerful trait to have and it's because of our Mother that we are blessed to have it. (I wish she was here so she could teach my girls that same trait)
I'm sad that I don't have my Mom here to glean from her wisdom and many talents.  I'm also sad that I couldn't say goodbye to her one last time and tell her all the things I wished i could have.  I'm sure she knows we love her and miss her and I know she's watching over us...I have felt her guiding me many times.  I just wish she were here with us.  Miss you Mom♥
From Matt:
One of my favorite memories of mom was her ability to make anything. From prom dresses to posters to diabetes cases she could  come up with an idea and then make it happen. And it would always look great!
There are so many times I'm in a situation and think to myself, "I wish mom were here. She could figure this out." And she always seemed to have the time or make time to get it done. Even if that meant staying up until the wee hours of the morning the night before I needed it.
Thanks Mom!  (Matt)
From Kurt:
I too was thinking about Mom. I remember she would often relate a story from when I was a kid to whatever I was going through at that time. Looking back as a parent now, I’m not sure if she was just noticing how things were coming together, or if she was bolstering my confidence by insinuating I had always showed interest or ability in that particular thing. Watching my boys grow up I am sure she would have tons of stories from when I was their age. (Kurt)


Let Your Hair Down said...

Thats so sweet! I am almost sure she can read blogs in heaven and is very proud of yours. Happy Mothers day Cara! I am glad you got spoiled because you deserve it! I am sorry your Mom is no longer here-she sounds wonderful!

Lisa said...

I love your Mom! I remember that she would always give me the TIGHTEST and most comfy HUGS when I saw her. She taught me how to quilt and we would talk about all the beautiful fabrics we could make into something.

This post brought tears to my eyes. I think you have so much of her good in you ♥

Brandi said...

She knows how you feel about her.
She was quite the lady.
I am glad I knew her. I still have my quilt that she helped me make and we use it all the time for our family picnics.

Kass said...

WE never outgrow needing our Moms. I'm sure your Mom is always telling her angels friends how "pleased" she is with you! Sweet, sweet post.