Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer is Here

(Amberly with a strawberry from the garden)

Here in sunny Arizona summer comes early.  
Usually it's pretty darn hot by the middle of April.  
This year we have been lucky and have been blessed with beautiful San Diego weather for the past 4 months.  I've been spoiled I tell ya.  
Tom keeps saying he wants to go out of town and I keep refusing saying: 
I mean why travel 6 whole hours to experience the same exact weather? 
( minus the beach but still)

This week it's been in the high 90's.  We are heating up.  I love it.  I love the heat.  I'm weird.  
Yesterday I had a little girl party with M & M.  We sat in the pool and talked for three hours!  
Oh how I needed some girl/me time.  It was perfect.  We laughed and laughed and even talked politics.  
I even got my 1st sunburn of the season.  It should be tan by tomorrow.  I'm lucky like that.  
I got my Dad's good California skin.  Thanks Dad♥

One of the things we laughed ridiculously hard at was the Ugly Paid For Photo's on Ellen's Site.  
Have you seen those?  Oh have to go look.  We were crying we were laughing so hard!
This one was the killer....we lost it.  
I haven't laughed that hard in years!  
All I can say is don't let grandma do your baby's hair for picture day!


*katie said...

Sounds fabulous! And our typical "San Diego" weather isn't so typical right now!! I'm used to sitting by the pool in March and sometimes February...we've had very few of those days so far this year!!

Becca said...

Oh Cara, where do you find these sights? Those pictures are hilarious. That strawberry looks scrumptious, and we had snow today, that 90 degree weather is sounding pretty nice right now.