Saturday, June 5, 2010

Endless Beach Towels

This is what my summer looks like.  Wet towels everywhere!  And I mean inside and outside, on the floor, thrown over the couch, hidden behind the bed - all wet I might add.  I hate this part of summer.  I also hate washing beach towels.  They are so thick and big and have every color imaginable.  I'm an all white towel kind of gal.  I only buy white towels for our bathrooms - it makes things so much easier. 

So I have come up with a plan for this summer.  All beach/pool* towels go back outside at all times.  Wet or dry they stay outside after they have rid your body of water.  If they are wet...they get hung up over the pool fence.  Once they are dry (in like 5 min, cause it's so blasted hot here) I fold them up and put them on the chair by the back door.  Don't judge me.  They are still clean.  The kids got out of a chlorinated pool that washed all germs, dirt and grim from their bodies.  I promise, the towels are still clean.
I will then wash all the beach/pool* towels once a week.  I figure with all that chlorine that's soaked in and natural sunlight to dry the towels once a week is plenty.  Now if only I can come up with a plan for all the wet bathing suits!
*I call them beach towels because I grew up on the kids call them pool towels because they have a pool.  It's a constant battle.  I think beach should win since the beach is soooo much better than a pool!


Christi said...

I think that is a perfect system for towels! Wet towels are definitely the worst part of summer!

Erin said...

I never told you that I stole your brilliant idea andhave been in heaven ever since. All white towels, even all white sheets. Best move I ever made!!! Plus, my linen closet looks so good!

Mardi said...

I heard it is crazy hot down there. Maybe it will cool down a little by the time I get there....NOT!!!! I am exicted to spend some time down there. I will bring my own BEACH TOWELS :)))

Lauralee said...

great plan..
I use all white towels in our bathrooms too!
I was thinking up a plan for when our summer starts.. it is still pretty rainy here... for the towel situation.. i like yours!I hate finding them all over the house!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i just call them towels- straight up.

gah! it's a battle all summer long. i have a 5 hook thing on the back of the bathroom door. for swimsuits and towels. as soon as we get back from the pool they are supposed to go change and hang them up.

then we can find them when we need them again.