Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things Around Here

I have been trying to keep up with stuff around here and thought I would post a few pictures so I can remember what I've done and hopefully keep things organized.  It's always a work in progress. 

I set out everything we use daily on the table for easy access.  I got the idea HERE.  Monica got me the darling tray for my birthday one year and it's found a new home right here on the table.  I love it!
(vitamins, candle, chick-fil-a mints, salt & pepper, napkins, Abby's notebook and pencil)

I love this little mug holder I got at IKEA.  
Not only does it free up precious space in my cupboard 
but it's pretty and functional.  Love that!

This is who joined us for dinner and I love it. 
It makes me so happy that my baby isn't too "old" to play pretend and be the Mommy to her baby. 

This is my new dish soap dispenser I got at Mesa Thrift for $.50 cents.  I keep my sponge, scrubber and hand soap in the white pot but the dish soap didn't fit.  now it doesn't have to.  It's pretty right where it is♥

What are some of your favorite organizational tips?
Would love to hear them!

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