Friday, July 23, 2010

Do Not Call

A few years ago I signed our phone number up on the National Do Not Call Registry.
What a life saver.  I hate solicitors on the phone or at the door. I'm not sure what happened but I have been getting an annoying  amount of phone calls with people trying to sell me something.  I try to be nice...I realy do but this morning I have already had four calls from the Human Society, National Breast Cancer Center, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Adobe Air.  The later has been calling three times a week now for a while.
All of these calls came before 10am.  What??!!

That was the final straw....I got online and re-registered our phone number HERE
It was fast, easy and took all of 30 seconds.  It will take 31 days to get the full effects but.......when anyone calls just tell them they are breaking the law because you are on a Do Not Call list.  They will hang up so fast it will totally make your day♥

PS  When solicitors call in the mean time just interrupt their speech and say "please take me off your list" and they have to by law.  Great isn't it?!