Saturday, September 4, 2010

After School Snack Ideas

I am in a food slump.  Dinner....lunch...after school snacks.  So I went to my facebook friends and what do you know???  They had some great ideas!  Here is a list of what they said:

Mike - cake!
Stephanie O. - Fruit chillers! Frozen fruit sorbet - they come in tubes or cups. you can find them in the canned fruit aisle
Jennifer H. - homemade smoothies! It's hot out.
Erin - We put go-gurts in the freezer and the kids love em.
Linda L. -  one of our favorites was to put peanut butter on saltine crackers with miniature marshmallows on top and then broil just until the marshmallows are golden brown. Let cool and enjoy!! Quite a unique taste but one that we all loved. 
Nancy - Look at all you good mothers! I'm with Mike. ;) My kids get their cookies after school rather than in their lunch bag.
Amy C. - After school snack? What's that? :)
Janae - check out this blog and scroll down to oven smores yummo!!
Angie G -  chips and salsa or hummus....bowl of cereal

Kristi - peanut butter balls! they were always my favorite growing up & I still love em.
Brooke - Peanut butter on anything! carrots, strawberries, apples or just forget the fruit & have a spoonful of PB! But you know how much i love peanut butter!!
Me - popcorn and sliced apples or cheese and crackers with apples. and sliced bananas dipped in cinnamon sugar - using toothpicks (makes them more fun)

Great ideas my Facebook Peeps!  I need to be better about putting after school snacks on my shopping list.  That way I won't feel like I am using food that's meant for dinner and I will be more inclined to let them eat it as a snack.
Here's to a much happier week of snacking and some links to get us all motivated!

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