Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halloween Party Idea

I was talking to my friend Lizzy today and she asked if I had any ideas for a Halloween Birthday party.  I was trying to think about all the ideas I see every year on the blogs I read.  I realy need to get a better organizing system for blogs.  I see something cute, bookmark it, then can't ever find it when I need it.  So I'm resorting to my own blog post a few years back because it's the only one I can find (sad huh?) 

Amberly went to her pre-school Halloween Party (2007).  It was to die for cute! These games could be used for pretty much anything "Fall" or "Halloween" or "Birthday" and could be altered for other holidays as well.  I have to give her pre-school teacher all the credit.  All we parents had to do was bring a treat and help at the different stations.

Click HERE to go to the original post. It will tell you about all the different stations.   Blogger won't let me copy and re-paste my own post.  I guess that's ok because that means other people can't either.

To see detailed pictures of each station and cute pictures of Miss Abbs........
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