Monday, October 25, 2010


Last night we had my brothers over for our (new) monthly family dinner.  I say new because we aren't very good about meeting as often as we should.  I know for me life gets busy and before you know it three months have passed without seeing the family.  Sad but it's true.  When you don't have parents to keep the flock together and you have a flaky sister who is more a spur of the moment gal (that would be me) than a planner it just doesn't always work out.

We had a great time eating our family favorite - tacos and the kids had a blast playing outside in the best weather we've had in months.  I was sneaky and had cleaned out a closet full of pictures my Mom had stored over the years.  I have been in cleaning mode and though this would be the perfect opportunity to have my brothers help divvy up the pictures and take their own home.  We had a blast looking at pictures of us when we were little on up through high school.  Some of the pictures we hadn't seen before and the kids thought we were nerds back then but hey.....they just don't know what's cool right?

So my question today is who is supposed to be the keeper of the memories?  You know the stuff.  Grandma's attic type stuff.  The cradle that all four babies and grand babies slept in, the endless boxes of pictures, the quilts, china, and furniture that is sentimental.  Oh and lets not forget the 37 boxes of genealogy that I have sitting in my garage.  Is it bad that I divvy up the pictures and make my brothers take their own?  I have a filing cabinet in my office closet with three whole drawers of pictures of my parents, grandparents and family.  What do I do with it?  Maybe when life slows down I can scrapbook it (yeah right) or turn it into a video (I wouldn't know where to start).  This is what makes me angry.  I'm too young to have both parents gone and have to be in charge of the stuff.  I know I sound ungrateful but my closets are so full of their stuff that I don't have room to store my own memorabilia.  

Another little secret about me since I'm airing my dirty laundry..........I'm a neat freak...... but my closets (the places where people don't see) are a MESS!!!  I wish I knew what to do with the stuff and then I could clean out the closets.  Oh wouldn't that be so wonderful!?! 

Yes, I know this is a heavy Monday post but as I was cleaning up the party mess from last night and feeling so grateful that my brothers were willing to take most of the three boxes of pictures it got me thinking.  Since no one is hear to listen to me vent I thought I would share it with the world.  Free therapy right?  At least it's off my chest, I feel better, and I can go start on the laundry.

Thanks for listening.


Kristi said...

My gma passed recently, and each generation got a turn going through the house & claiming things they wanted. Yes, it definitely needs to be divvied (sp?) up. Old photos - I have every intention of scanning & making photobooks online (I'm not creative enough for scrapping), but who knows when that 'someday' will come.

Mardi said...

Maybe you should find out what things are important to you and what things are important to your brothers and then divy it up. You can also take boxes of pictures to Costco and they will turn them into dvd's which would free up tons of space. Then you can just save the pictures you charish the most. All the others can go on disk. And get that genelogy out of the garage and on to disks. Maybe there is a company that scans documents onto disks so that you don't have all the paper laying around. Just a thought. And by the way, I will have the same probably when my mom passes away. I am planning to start decluttering her house next summer weither she likes it or not.

The Wells Family said...

I totally understand... I am a picture collector, I LOVE photos... But when is the time to get rid of them? I have shelves full of photo albums, which are nice but dang they take up alot of space... what to do? I also have all my MIL's genealogy and and old pictures. When is the right age to give your children their boxes of treasures? I put sooo much time and energy on their scrapbooks and to give them to them and them not treasure them and take care of them makes me ill at the thought. You would think since they are 31 and 29 I could pass them along and not look back? I hope you get more posts so I can check in and maybe get a better idea so I don't have guilt. haha. Love and miss you Cara girl. We need a lunch soon!

R said...

Please -- Be grateful you have any of that stuff. My husband's mother just passed away and the sum total of memorabilia and geneology records left for my husband fits in one thin manilla file folder. We have only about fifteen photos from the first 25+ years of his life and a single sheet of geneology. He would 'give his right arm' (so to speak) to have what you have.

robin said...

being the only sister of three brothers just like you, i bet i'm gonna end up with everything too!

that seems right, though, doesn't it?