Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

Things I ♥ Right Now

10. the cooler temperature and no A/C
9.   walking in the mornings
8.   tumblr...I can't get enough...I think I have a problem
7.   this coat I just bought Miss Amberly from Gymboree online with my coupon♥
6.   Pandora - my Journey station I created is more than awesome!
5.   getting 8 bottles of silver hair glitter for $2 each - who doesn't love a little glitter in their hair?
4.   This facial cleanser and this serum is already making me feel younger
3.   poppy's and pansy's that snuck in my cart today and came home with me
2.   having the hubby home every night by 5pm♥
1.   my sweet girls who bright all my days

** what's your favorite today?**

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