Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Photo Petit Champlain, Quebec, Canada © Camille MARCHAND via tumbler

Not really but....I am starting to get chilled after the sun goes down.  Next week we are supposed to be in the 60's all week and that's COLD for us wimpy Arizonians.  I looked in my closet today and realized that I have 2...yes two long sleeved shirts and to be honest they aren't even long they are 3/4 length.  So I went over to Khols and Old Navy to see if I could find something cute, warm - yet not too warm with real long sleeves and I turned up with nothing.  I also don't have any shoes that are warm.  I think I'm in trouble over here.  I may need to go on vacation to a chilly destination just to shop.  Yeah, that sounds good....I need a vacation and who doesn't like to shop?!

I have another problem as well.  Cassidy (who will be 12 next month) can no longer fit into the children's section of any store.  I ordered her a jacket from Gymboree - to small, I tried a jacket from Gap Kids - too small, Justice - all the pants are too short.  We went to old navy and everything was "old lady" as she called it.  We went to Charlotte Russe and she only liked the boots. BTW we now wear the same size shoe and our legs are the same length.  Where do you take an almost 12 year old to find clothes that are age appropriate, modest yet cool and hip? 

And everyone living where it's chilly and grateful warm and sunny does get old after awhile.

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