Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hell Month x 2

I think Hell Month has crossed over to November.
I just sat down to organize my calendar and see what I have going on and it's already full!
Here are the major events:
Amberly's Birthday Party
Cassidy's Birthday Party
Planning the ward (church) Christmas Party for Dec 3rd.
add to that all the "normal stuff" like:
work, volunteering, other birthday parties, piano, gymnastics, Cass starting volleyball, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, family dinners, homework, book club, ahhhhhh!!! 
I'm already overwhelmed and it's only the 4th.
Yes, Hell Month has crossed over but I'm going to be positive.......
I'll get everything done this month and I will have the whole month of December 
(the original hell month)
to enjoy the reason for the season.
For now...I'm going back to bed♥

(btw I call it hell month because everything happens in Dec. for us: anniversary, my b-day, Cass' b-day, Abby's b-day and Christmas.  a few years ago I started doing their parties in Nov. to free up Dec and it has been a HUGE blessing!  So please take no offense that I call Dec that, it's just I'm just so busy I don't enjoy any of it)

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Crustacean Queen said...

Hahaha! Well it's nice to hear someone else has a busy life. I get the same way...I get overwhelmed really easy when there is a lot of things going on. Although I usually take it week by week. I think looking at the whole month would kill me off! Good luck!