Sunday, November 21, 2010

Primary Program Tips

We had our Primary Program at church today.  The kids are always so excited about performing in front of the whole congregation and the parents are all sitting there beaming with pride. I can always tell who's child is up giving a talk or singing a solo because the parents down below have the hugest grins on their faces and the Mom's always get teary. So sweet.

I've been in primary for a long time and over the years I have come up with some helpful tips on keeping me sane and the kids happy and quiet during the many weeks of practice.  BTW I am a primary teacher for the 6-7 year olds.

Helpful Tips:

1.  When it's time to have the practices in the chapel bring word search puzzles, coloring pages, crossword puzzles so the kids will have something to keep them busy while everyone is trying to figure out who does what and who goes where.  Believe me.....2 hours of bouncy, giggly, fidgety, talking kids is enough to make you go a little cuckoo!  Bring something quite for them to do for their sake and yours.   When it's time for them to stand and sing I just give them a gentle reminder and they stand while holding their pencil and paper.  No big deal.

2.  When you have that sweet little munchkin who can't sit still during the actual primary program and you know the whole congregation is looking at him/her....give them a little massage.  I start with their hand.  Massage their fingers nice and slow.  Then their palm, then the back of the hand.  Work your way up their arm very slowly.  This will have them putty in your hand (ha-ha no pun intended).  I did this today and then had to wake up my little guy it put him right to sleep in minutes.  I'm telling you...a little back scratch or back rub while they are singing or waiting to sing works wonders in the fidgety department.

3.  Lastly: Play dough for your lesson after the program.
Those kids are going to be hopped up so high on energy and excitement that by the time you get them into your class it's going to be mayhem.  I bring a snack that helps them calm down then we do our favorite play dough lesson.  Here's how it works:

You give them a word like "LION" that they have to mold out of the play dough.
Then you tell them the Bible / Book of Mormon story that goes with what they just made.

Lion = Daniel and the Lions Den.

I'm telling you what......they LOVE this!  It doesn't matter how old the kids are 3-12 years will LOVE this guaranteed!  In fact when I walked into the classroom with the box of play dough all the kids jumped up and screamed PLAY DOUGH!!!!  I told you this was their favorite lesson.  (can you tell I do this several times a year?)

Here's some more examples of what they can sculpt out of their dough:
Whale - Jonah and the Whale
(we did this and WOW I was impressed with these 6-7 year olds sculpting abilities!)
An animal that was on the ARK, or a Rainbow, or The Ark - Noah and the Ark
A bow and arrow - Nephi
A sword - Nephi killing Laban

Well, you get the idea.  This would also make a fun Family Home Evening Activity.  I should probably do this since Cassidy isn't in my class (Abby is) and Cass gets all sad that she can't play too.

FYI - Shopping Tip:
Every year I buy this 24 pack of play dough at Target on Black Friday for $5.00I usually pick up as many as I can, at least 5 of themLast year I could only find 3 and I was sad.  These make great birthday presents, party favors, quiet time activities and so on.  At $5 bucks you can't go wrong!  So keep your eye out on Friday and pick yourself up some of these babies!

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Lisa said...

Such GREAT ideas!! I wasn't going to do black friday because well, our town looks like that pic of Canada you put up a few days ago... but the idea of loading up on playdoh has me reconsidering. No joke!