Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving

25 Things I am Thankful For This Year

1.  two beautiful daughters
2.  my adorable sweet husband
3.  family that lives close
4.  great friends near and far
5.  cousins
6.  my camera
7.  the roses over my front door
8.  everything I need and a little of what I want
9.  a darling new jacket
10. my eternal perceptive
11. a mother who taught me so very much and is greatly missed
12. a daddy who never judged a soul and was a huge example to me
13. Thanksgiving traditions like Waldorf salad, cranberry sauce and homemade pumpkin pie.  It's just not thanksgiving without those things (along with the regular traditional food of course)
14. birth mothers
15. a clean house
16. yummy tea in my tummy
17. bunko
18. book club
19. the best neighbors in town
20. the best doctor on the planet - we are even on a first name basis
21. blogging so I can remember each day
22. technology
23. knowledge of good and evil
24. my sweet primary kids at church
25. my wonderful, perfect, happy, sweet life♥

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