Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We met at Tom's parents house for Thanksgiving this year on Thanksgiving Day.  
There was a lot of people, a lot of food and a lot of fun all day!
Best year yet if you ask me.  
I brought my good camera and boy what a difference it makes!
Here's a few pictures to document the day♥
a few cute kiddos I found playing out in the back yard.
Sam, Royce, London, and Ammon

The BIG boys out playing a game of catch in the street.
Michael, Ben, and Jordan

The girls went down to the pool thinking the hot tub would be turned on and they could swim.  Nope, the hot tub was cold but they got in anyway............for .05 seconds.  You would have thought only one would brave the freezing water....everyone but Sela got wet.  Who's the smart one???

the adults lounging around with full tummies
Mike, Sue (what is she laughing about?) Dad, Tom

More to come tomorrow.
Blogger won't let me post anymore pictures for some reason and I don't have time to fix it right now.
It's 12:09 and I haven't gotten a thing done today!
I'm off to start checking off my list!


crystal said...

You've got photo skills! These are great pictures. Especially that last one of your honey--it's awesome! Absolutely frame-worthy.


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