Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

Girls - Amberly, Macey, Cassidy, McKenna
Boys -  Will, Berkeley, Harley, Grant, Caleb, Garrett, Zac

We had Thanksgiving with my family Wednesday night.  We alternate years and it works out so nice and makes it so we don't have to eat twice on Thanksgiving day.  That is always a bonus.

As I was taking these pictures of my parents 11 sweet grandchildren my heart had a tender moment.  My Mom would have loved all these kids running around.  Look at those handsome boys!  And then there are the 4 girls who are getting so big I can hardly stand it.  I know my parents are watching over us especially over the holidays it's just sad that they can't be here to enjoy it with us.  We miss them.

Here's a picture of us BIG kids and our spouses.  
There is one extra there (Mike came since he's staying with us this week)
In order from left to right:
Pam, Joey, Joni, Cami, Matt, Cara, Tom, Kurt holding Will and Mike

Our kids are getting old enough that they can go off an play and entertain themselves for awhile so we can talk and have a meaningful conversation.  It was nice.  We went and played with the kids after our meaningful conversation (don't worry) and had a wonderful evening.

Thanks Kurt and Pam for hosting in your new beautiful house!  It was fun.

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robin said...

i love seeing all the clausens and all the clausen kids!