Monday, January 24, 2011

My Monday Real and Raw

Here's what I've been doing today.  Don't be could - and probably are doing the same.  If you are not doing what I am doing and are off shopping, vacationing or if you stayed in bed all day reading this months book club selection......don't rub it in.  I know secretly you wish you were me ♥

I vacuumed the house. 
Don't ask me what that spot on the carpet is.......I don't want to know.  
I am however getting my carpets cleaned next week so it will definitely be gone by then. 

I washed all the sheets and bedding in the house.  
I didn't clean Amberly's room as you can clearly see.  
That will have to be another day.

I exercised on my new exercise ball.  
It was fun!

I did A LOT of laundry.
Not all the laundry....5 loads so far and still counting.

I made cookies for breakfast.  
OK that's not true...I had oatmeal for breakfast.
I made them for my 10am snack.
It was that kind of morning.

I didn't clean off the crap counter.
I need to.
I want to.
I just didn't get to it.
I spent my time eating cookies instead.
(just kidding-kind of)

I fretted about my front room.  
I need Candice Olsen to come and do a complete makeover.
New paint, carpet, lighting, furniture and wall decor.
Anyone want to pretend to be her and come make me over?

Now I sit at my messy desk and blog about my glamorous day.
I'm off to get my kiddos from the bus.
What did you do today?

All pictures are mine - do not use without permission
taken from my camera phone - not too shabby I have to say


Lisa said...

I'm hitting homesick season so it is GREAT to see your house! Can't wait to visit again whenever that is... Candace Olsen is a magician! Jake and I BOTH like almost all her designs and that is a hard sell :)

Jenifer said...

I love your front room! And if it makes you feel better, I went to work in the dark and came home in the dark. ;)

Megan said...

I am totally Jeal of your day!
5 loads of laundry and some vacuuming would do this house a world of good.