Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

things i love right now

1)  my red toenails - color - ruby slipper
2)  tostadas for dinner
3)  7th ave in phoenix
4)  my neighbor who gives me hot muffins and sour cream when i need it
5)  cinnamon sugar
6)  shopping with brookie-lou-hoo
7)  the song: white houses by vanessa carlton
8)  helping the abb's with her homework
9)  the book i'm reading - the forgotten garden by kate morton
10) sauerkraut with spicy mustard on a sandwich called "the straw"

happy tuesday!

p.s. what's your favorite things right now?


AZ Smurfette said...

OH... MY... Gosh... The Forgotten Garden is my FAVORITE book! I read it last summer and AH, already want to read it again!

Webb Family said...

I had great time!
Can't wait until next time.