Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be Mine Valentine

eighteen25 was so generous this year by making and posting free valentines on their blog.  I ♥ that blog.  
It's at the top of my favorites for sure.  Sunday I got my sick self out of bed and went outside for a little mini-shoot with Amberly.  She's so good at posing for pictures.  Seriously it took all of 10 minutes.
Now I'm having a hard time choosing which one I should have her send out.    
She favors the 2nd, I love the 1st.  I may have to print me up some of both♥  

P.S. Cassidy says she's too old for Valentines.  
I'm making her some and she can just hand them out to her special friends.  
6th grade is not too old!

Go check out eighteen25 for your free valentines
my favorite photog Ashley is doing Valentine Mini Sessions
tomorrow and Thursday
she will take the picture and make you a valentine!

(these pictures are MINE - please don't steal them♥)


Kristi said...

I'm with you - love the 2nd one! So cute!

AZ Smurfette said...

I AM going to steal this pic and print it and put it on my NEW fridge! :) SO CUTE!!! xoxo