Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Valentines

I decided to practice my picture taking skills.  I haven't been using my camera as much as I should so I thought..."Hey, I'll offer free Valentines for people and in return I will get some great models!"  It worked.  Check them out:

My darling daughter who says she's too old to send out Valentines.  We will see chicky...we will see!

My friend Megan's cute kids.  They are not only adorable, they have darling names like Lilly, Stella and Izzy.  

Mindy's two youngest - Bree and Cole.  Her oldest two are in Jr. High and I guess that realy IS too big for Valentines!

Brooke brought here brood over.  She only has four but she brought the neighbor boy with her and I just had to take his picture too.  His Mom is going to get a special valentine this year that she didn't even know about! (he's the one posing there at the end)
Sammy lives around the corner and wanted in on the action.  She's a smart cookie because she will have the cutest valentines in her whole class!

There...I got some practice on lightroom, PS3 and my camera, the kids got a personalized valentine and all Mom's are happy.  It was a win,win,win!

♥♥thanks again eighteen25 for the cute valentines!♥♥

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Webb Family said...

Cara I just posted mine & sent some to all the grandparents too! Thanks so much & I still feel bad cause you have been so sick!! I just got a text from Anissa & she loved Trevors picture, it made her cry!