Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Things I Have To Do Today

10) pick up dry cleaning
9)   finish laundry
8)   run to Target for garbage bags and 2 shoe rack's
7)   stop at Michael s to pick up Tom's framed diploma
6)   make b-day banners for b-day presents that are way past due
5)   while I have my sewing machine out - make some new rice bags - it's going to be cold here tonight!
4)   deposit $$$ into the bank
3)   find the perfect present for brother #2's birthday
2)   finnish decorating for Valentines Day (Abby did most of it yesterday)
1)   Help Cassidy get better.  She's been sick for 5 days and I feel so bad for her miserable self.

This is life my blogging peeps.  
Are you jealous? 
You should be.....(wink)

Here's the good news - I have Bunko tonight!  I am so looking forward to a fun night out♥

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