Friday, March 4, 2011

5 on Friday

Last nights party was a HUGE success!  Everything turned out and it was red+blue darling-ness!  The best part was everyone had a fun time.  I was up last night till 12:30 putting my house back together after three days of party planning.  Whew!  It was a disaster...still is but at least we can walk around without killing ourselves and sit down on something that isn't covered with fabric and paper - ha-ha.

Since it's Friday and I haven't uploaded the party pictures yet 
I thought I would share my top 5 tumblr pictures today. 
Happy Friday!

  This is perfect!

Seeing this made me think of my Mom.  
Just the site of this in all it's pink glory and rainbow of quilt fabrics would have made her heart SING!

Since I have had party planning on the brain this week I thought I would post this picture.  
These colors have always been my two favorites.  
Every since I could remember I have been drawn to green and pink.

I have been thinking of taking the doors off of my long counter by my pantry and having open shelving.  I could move my mixer over there and have one side be my "baking center".  
I love the big glass jars in this picture.  It's such a comforting homey picture.

Growing up in California we had a mail slot right by the front door.  Every afternoon the mail man would slide the mail into our slot and it would go down a little shoot and fall into the wall alcove with a little gate over it.  
I loved opening that little gate and getting the mail.  
I have one of these old mailboxes and am thinking of putting it out by my front door.  
It wouldn't be used for US mail but it could be used for love notes and a place to drop off things at my door!

Have a fabulous weekend! 

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The {Prince} Family said...

U are so cute Cara and have the funnest style! I too love the pic of pink drawers holding the fabric..... darling.

Happy Monday! :)