Monday, March 21, 2011

Help Japan

I'm behind in blogging.....way behind.  I took a ton of pictures during spring break but I didn't have any computer time at.all.during.the.break!  Between the husband and two kids I was last on the list.  I will get to them tomorrow and do a HUGE blog catch-up.  But for now I want to let you know about my new blogging friend Crystal B and what she's doing for Japan.

I found Crystal's blog a few weeks ago and I just l.o.v.e it!  She's funny, creative and we are very similar in our likes!  It's fun to make a new friend♥

She posted about her cousin going over to Japan 15 min before the quake hit.  He had been there for 15 min!  She's making earrings and donating all the money and has a link to LDS Philanthropic Services (Humanitarian Services)  where you can donate money too...if you can.  All the money goes to help the people - no one in the organization gets paid.

My husband Tom has a Japanese brother and many, many friends over in Japan who are in need of basic things like food, water and warm clothes.  We have two friends that were here a few months ago who cannot be reached.  Shawn and Shoon were in Sendai when the earthquake hit.  We pray for them and their family.  

Please go to Crystal B's blog and see her cute earrings, or you can pray for those in need, or donate.  
I'll be back tomorrow with our spring break update♥

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Grandma T. said...

I had totally forgotten about your connection with Japan. So sorry. Any hews?