Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty Pix

I had to work today but wanted to post some of my favorite things right now from my tumblr page.
oh the dreaminess!  look how green and shady and summery this is! 

I asked Tom what he would do if I re-did my $5 chair in fabric like this.  
He wasn't too thrilled about it.
I'm totally going to make a ruffled lamp shade like this.  
I even have the lamps but I do have shades!  
I need a craft room and I need shelves like these in my craft room. 
Maybe Cass needs shelves like this in her room.  
hmmmmm could work!  

I wish I was good at mixing patterns and different colors.  
I love the different patterns and textures these pillows give to this bed!  
It's an art form for sure.

And here's a link to the Real Simple Site that gives you some great ideas on how to re-use all those plastic bags we have laying around the house!

What are your favorites this week?  
Are you looking at decor pictures?  
garden pictures?  
Let me know, I'd love to take a peek.

1 comment:

classic • casual • home said...

Your photos feel like spring and it is raining like crazy here (is it in Arizona?). I am looking for table linens for the patio and a convex mirror for above our fireplace.

You'll have to show us your new lamp shade. Good luck.