Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Rant

The other night I was watching one of my favorite TV shows White Collar.  It was good, very suspenseful.  I like that.  I don't like scary or gore but I do like not knowing what's going to happen next with a little bit of comedy thrown in to lighten the mood.  I also like a little bit of romance where the characters like each other but they aren't quite sure yet if they should like each other.  Which brings me to the topic of discussion I need to have with all you bloggers out there.

Why is TV romance so "wham bam thank you mam?"

What happened to the whole liking someone, then asking them out, going out on a few dates, getting to know them, decide if you want to go out on a few more dates, kiss them goodnight on the front porch, kiss them some more over dinner, fall in love, commit, be everything to that person etc. 

I watched the movie "Return to Me" a few weeks ago and it was such a sweet love story.  There was nothing more that a few kisses and that was so romantic to me.  The whole falling in love, heartbreak, realizing you can't live without that person then chasing after them and telling them.  It was perfect.

White collar had a scene where the couple had kissed maybe one time before on a show like.......five shows ago, this week they were alone for maybe 5 min then they had one kiss and went right into an R rated scene!  Seriously, it ticked me off.  Have a little romance for crying out loud!  If this is how the world has become and people go right into that and it's normal.....well I hope the world does end in 2012 because I don't want my daughters to have to date like that.  (it wasn't even a date!)

Where is Mr. Darcy in the world today?  Sheesh!

(yes, I am aware that this has been happening for a long time in the world.  I am not blind.  I just try and choose shows, books, friends, & music that makes me a better person and doesn't fill my or my families heads with junk.  Does Hollywood have to go and ruin every show/movie/music these days?)


Lauralee said...

Right on! I agree.. it is frustrating, I wish there was a lot more wholesome tv and movies available... the world is teaching such horrible is scary!

Webb Family said...

Mike & I just watched that & I totally agree!! I hate that there are no shows out there that you could watch as a family. No Ordinary Family so far has been good but w will see.