Monday, March 28, 2011

Pillow Power

I'm trying out my new blogger app on my phone.  If it works out I'll be able to post all kind of fun things while I'm out and about or my computer is being hogged by my family members. (Wink)

This weekend I sewed some pillows for the couch in the front room.  I realized I can sew but I'm not very good at fixing problems with my sewing machine when they pop up.  I also had a little mishap when I ran over a stray pom-pom with the needle and broke my sewing foot.  Oops! Luckily I had another one that worked but it took me awhile to figure out how to get them switched out.  Determination is a wonderful helps you finnish a project even when you want to quit.

I'm loving the colors and patterns of these pillows!  It's so not what I would normally pick but am so glad I went bold!  Sometimes its fun to try something new.

Question: have you sewed anything latley?

Xoxo Cara


Stephanette said...

Yep...a Thomas blankie for my two year old....and temporarily hemming some of his pants, so that they can still look good when he sprouts again.

Now I'm just wishing I could make over my wardrobe. There just aren't enough naps in the day!

Kristi said...

Sew cute! (haha, yeah that was bad :-) ) Really they are darling. One of these days I'll get back to being a little crafty. Maybe I'll steal your idea for cute pillows!

AZ Smurfette said...

#1 - LOVE the pillows! Good job!
#2 - Love the fab! I may copy you for drapes! ha.
#3 - Love that you are blogging from your phone! Yippee! Disneyland updates!

Grandma T. said...

Cara, you are a jewel - and these pillows look awesome.

Crazymamaof6 said...

LLove the new pillows. I don't have a sewing machine. Sigh, but I want one. If I did sew it would be burp cloths and baby stuff right now.

Webb Family said...

Love them! Now you need to do some for your family room & show off the other cute fabric you got too!
Hope you are having fun at Disneyland-lucky!!

Becca said...

Those pillows are amazing. I haven't been crafty in a very long time. Anny however, she has been going crazy with quilts. If I owned a sewing machine, I think I would sew more.

Lauralee said...

love them! super cute, those pom poms are adorable!