Thursday, March 24, 2011

Staycation - Day 3

In the beginning of the week the kids made a list of all the things they wanted to do during our spring break.  Things like: go to the library, the zoo, the movies, go on a hike, go swimming at the Lagoon, shopping for new outfits and panning for gold.  Who came up with that I don't know...maybe me?  So we went online and found out about the Queen Mine tours in Bisbee.  Sounded like fun so we planned our day trip.

The morning of the girls were so excited they woke up before 6am, got ready, ate breakfast and then came and woke us up.  It was still dark!  Our girls love to travel - their poor husbands are in for a treat I tell ya!  We got packed, headed out all before 8am.

(disclaimer - this happened last week)

Here's some lovely pictures of the beautiful drive we have here in the southwest:

You're jealous aren't you......especially those of you that live in the pacific northwest and all your gorgeous green everything in site selves.  Yeah, I know....sad isn't it.  This is what our drive looked like for an hour and a half.  These two pictures are the only two things we saw worth snapping a picture of besides a whole lot of brown stuff.

We got just outside Tucson and had to make a stop into town because I have lived in AZ for 17 years and I have never been to Tuscon.  Hello?  What?  So I had to get a tour.  It's small so it didn't take too long.  I did find some interesting things to take pictures of and we did stop and get some hot, fresh (almost as good as the Bagel Bakery in Salinas) bagels for breakfast.

 I love it when businesses take a plan old store front and make it their own, unique, memorable.  This has to be in my top favorites!  The art on the wall, the planters that make the cactus some how pretty (wink) the ironwork.  It makes me want to go inside and see who they are and what they do!
This was the shade structure for the BUS!!!  Man-O-Man I love this♥

After sitting in traffic for about an hour I got on my phone and realized there had been an accident the night before, the highway was closed and there would be a 95 mine detour to get to our destination.  We were only about five miles from The Queen Mine Tours. so we turned around and went to the Colossal Cave Mountain Park that wasn't too far away from where we were.

We didn't know too much about it but Cassidy had been there on a field trip a few years ago and was able to bring us up to speed.

While waiting for our tour to start we were able to walk the pretty pathways that had some pretty cactus and shade trees to shade the hot sun (it was 87 degrees!)  I couldn't help but take some pictures even though cactus aren't my favorite.  These guys did make me smile especially the heart♥

 Miss Abby is always willing to pose for a picture. 
Love that girl!
 My two sweeties♥xo♥
 Cass took over the camera and snapped one of Tom, Abby and I

Ummmmmm....can you tell where the water is? HA!

And now for some pictures from inside the cave.  It was about a 45 min. tour and SO interesting!  
Worth going to if you are ever in the area. 


Growing up in northern California my Dad was so good about taking us kids exploring our state.  All the different beaches, the redwoods, state parks,  mountains, you name it we did it.  I realized that I want to do that with my kids.  Explore our state.  See what it was to offer.  I'm excited to come up with some more fun day trips to take together as a family.
Day 3 - almost didn't work out but we made up for it in the end!


Jenifer said...

You have NEVER been to Tuscon? Oh my. I hope you went to Eegees. They have the best slushies!

uniquelynat said...

Not too long ago we took a day-cation to colossal caves. it was such a fun day! i will always love it there because of the memory. plus it was a little drizzly that day and we had fun "hiding" from the rain :) i wouldn't mind going back again some time.

plus also- i know you live closer to the phoenix zoo- but i MUCH prefer the tucson zoo- if you ever want to take a day trip. it is called the reid park zoo. it is SO much smaller that phx- takes only about 2 hrs to walk the ENTIRE thing and the animals are all close up. i love it there. just a suggestion if you ever need something to do. OH and best of all- so SO much less expensive to get in- only like $2 or $4. something like that.

Becca said...

What a fun day trip! Beautiful pictures. The cave looks amazing. We need to go on more day trips with the whole family here.