Wednesday, April 6, 2011

$5 Fabric Store Q & A

Several people asked me about the $5 fabric store I have been referring to in my last posts.  I am in love with it because they have high end decorator fabric for $5.99 or less.  There are some fabrics that are $7.99 a yard but still...what a great price! 

The store is called Home Fabrics and you can visit their site HERE

If I may give some blogging advice, I had a hard time responding back to those who wanted to know where the store was.  Check out this post I did on Blogging tips and read at least the first 3 items.  It tells how to have comments show up on a pop-up window, how to disable word verification and how to add your email so people can respond back to you when you leave a comment.

It's so nice to have your email pop up so I can respond back to you if you leave a nice comment, ask a question, or if you are a new blog follower I can welcome you very easily.  So please if you want of course......go add your email.  I bet you will have a lot more interaction with your blogging friends!

Happy Wednesday and hope all is well.

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