Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fabric Finds

I've been going shopping with my camera again.  I love shopping this way because you don't spend any money can shop as long and as much as you want!  This shopping trip included the $5 fabric store and Home Goods.  Oh-La-La I now want to re-do my entire house!

I love blues, tans and greys but I'm not sure it goes with my current decor. 

This is going to be the fabric for the ottoman I'm making.  It goes with my new pillows.

My family room is green and I love the bottom fabric. 
I'm not a fan of the purple.  What do you think?

Look familiar?  It's my new pillows! (the top one)  Seriously love this store!  It was $5.99 a yard for nice, high quality decorator fabric. 

I'm thinking this would be pretty on the chair in my bedroom?  But it might be the wrong shade of blue.

This my friends is a yummy, plush, soft, thick 11x14 ft rug for $99.00!  I want it for the office but restrained myself and took a picture instead.  Yes, I'm a good girl.

Lamps from Home Goods. 

These are so springy and fun.  I wish I had endless money and endless rooms to decorate.  How fun would that be?


Christi said...

Wait... where was that fantastic rug? I might need it!

classic • casual • home said...

I love the fabric for your bedroom chair as I think it would be good on mine. Thanks sooo much for taking us shopping with you.

Kristi said...

Oo, where is the $5 fabric store?!!