Monday, April 11, 2011

A Place For A Bike

 My brothers are the most creative men I know.  They always have been and in my book they always will be.  I have three younger brothers that never cease to amaze me with the fun projects they come up with for their cute families and...mine!
 My brother Kurt felt my girls needed a bike rack to keep their bikes from laying all over the yard, garage, street get the picture.  Now did he just go and buy a bike rack?  Nooooooo he made one out of scraps of metal that came from something that got taken apart (I can't think of what it was now for some reason???)  Reuse, recycle, right!
I had nothing to do with him painting it pink...he knew we were a bunch of girly girls over here so he did that all on his own! (he has all boys so he gets extra points for having to go buy pink spray paint).
**my favorite part besides the massive amount of love that went into this project?  The "A" and "C" on either side of the rack.  A for Abby and C for Cassidy. **
Thanks Kurt - we ♥ it!

***I remembered what he recycled to make this....our old trampoline legs.  They were very high quality and it was such a waste to throw them away so Kurt took them and made the bike rack!


Michelle said...

Made with love! These are so cute. The color just make me smile. Love following your blog. Come check on us at

Kristin said...

I love the bike rack. I agree Kurt does get extra points for painting it pink. Pam got a WINNER for sure. Love your blog and cute family.
(Pam's cousin)

Crazymamaof6 said...

Totally awesome. I covet. Makes me want one now too.

robin said...

that is really cute! that is totally something i would buy if i saw it in a store or antique mall (looks more antique-y to me!)

way to go, kurt!

Watson Family said...

Coolest bike rack, and brother, ever!!!