Sunday, April 17, 2011


The flu bug has hit our house once again.  Ugh.  Except for Mom thank heavens! We didn't make it to church and have had a very quiet Sunday so far.  Sometimes I'm thankful for sick days.  Crazy I know but it makes us slow down, catch up on some much needed rest and Mom and Dad get a lot of snuggle time with the girls.  Its also nice to have needy children every once in a while.  My girls are so independant its fun to baby them and serve them with a whole bunch of Mama love. 
I still don't have a computer.  I took it in to Tom's I.T. guy on Thursday.  I'm hoping no news is good news.  I'm going to stop by the office tomorrow and check on it.  I have 14,000 pictures on that computer and I can't lose them!  All month I have had the feeling I needed to upload my pictures to my external hard drive, it is one of the things I have on my 40 before 40 list.....I just didn't find the time and am now so mad at myself!  Lesson learned....listen to that voice that's telling you what to do! (Another item on my 40 before 40 list if you can believe that!)
Happy Sunday!
What's on your list this week?
Are you going to do it or just think about it like me?
(Just kidding :)


Mardi said...

Sorry to hear you have the "bug" in your home again. Do you have any oils left you can use? I back up my PC every time I upload a bunch of pictures, just to be safe. Some of the backup drives are as easy as just plugging them into your PC and walking away. Hopefully your hard drive didn't crash. That would be the worst case scenerio....Good Luck!!!

Cindy said...

I miss you, CaraSue!! I'm sorry your girlies are sick! But it's always fun to give 'em that extra lovin' every once in awhile! Hope you guys are doing good! Love your guts!

Michelle said...

On my list this week is buy a new printer! Not half as bad as a broken computer though. And of course Sierra needed a report printed and I needed Primary Handouts! UGG! Sending good Carma your way! Thanks for the reminder to listen!

The {Prince} Family said...

one word for you girl.... MOZY! go google it and then go sign up. Best thing I have done. So nice to know if my computer crashes my pics are safe :)

Sorry you had sickies this weekend but I hear ya on just "slowing down" with the kids once in awhile.

Miss ya!