Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday and Some Linky-Lous

Top 10 Things Going On Around Here
(it''s Wednesday but I'm doing Top 10 anyway)

10) I'm grouchy and having hot flashes.  Hopefully when I go to the Dr. tomorrow she can fix me.  Otherwise my family might just kick me to the curb :)
9) Last night I did Cassidy's homework.  She wasn't even here.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  It had to be done so I did it.  I think I remember my Mom doing that for me on occasion?
8) I'm behind in laundry and dinner making.  Where is the time going each day?
7) I have 20 lbs of hamburger in my fridge.  They are in two long tubes and every time I open the fridge I let out a little EEEK!  It looks so darn disgusting!  I'm not a fan of beef but I got a great deal and who can't pass up a great deal?!  Today I am going to have to man-handle it into 1 lb chunks and freeze it.  Gross.
6) Today Cassidy starts voice lessons.  I'm so excited for her.  I know secretly she's excited too and that makes me happy.
5) I am a secret Royal Wedding watcher.  I remember watching Princess Diana walk down that isle like it was yesterday.  I wanted a long train like her when I got married.  My favorite part so far is seeing all the different hats that people are wearing and going to wear for the wedding.  They are so pretty!  I hope hats make a comeback in the US.  I want to wear one!
4) My car hasn't been washed since last year.  Today's the day people.  I can't stand it for one more minute!
3) Better with You was so so so funny this week!  Did you see it?
2) Tonight after gymnastics, voice lessons, homework and dinner we are going to watch Savannah Smiles.  I loved that movie and am excited for my girls to watch it with me.  I am loving that they are now old enough and game to watch fun older movies with me.  We sit around on the couch eating popcorn and laughing.  It's become my favorite family time (and I'm not a big movie watcher!)
1) A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who sent me their favorite blog links.  Here they are so we can all benefit!

Some new to me Linky Lou's!

Well, there you go.  A-whole-lot-of-blogging-goodness for you to enjoy today.  I'm so excited to add these to my new (and empty) favorites list.  Thanks again girls.  You made my day!
(if you want to add to the list leave a comment or email me)


Crazymamaof6 said...

Ahem, it seems you forgot about me. Sniff.

I know i'm not that exciting these days. But still.
I'm hoping to make a comeback.

I loved savannah smiles as a kid. Loved it.

Dinner and laundry, those are lofty goals there. They seem to be just beyond my reach these days.

Hey ps bunko next week at my hovel. I need to work on getting an invite out. But while i'm here I thought I'd remind you!

*katie said...

I can't remember when my car was last washed...I wish today were the day, but I'm pretty sure it's not :)
Hope the Dr can help fix you!