Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

Today's Top 10

Things I ♥ right now.............
1.  The roses over my front door.  They are in full bloom and I'm in love♥
2.  The massage chair that I'm sitting in right now.  It's heaven!
3.  Avocado's......my lunch would not have been as yummy without it.
4.  12 on the 12th.  each month I have such fun taking pictures of what's going on around here.
5.  Pandora - Mindy Gledhill station
6.  Tom came home three different times today.  He's fun to have around (grin)
7.  All the fabulous Easter goodness and ideas on eighteen25...man have they got it going on!
8.  Having every.stitch.of.laundry.done.in.the.whole.house. whew!
9.  Couponing...I'm getting the hang of my new coupon hobby and it's very addicting!
10. Loving all the comments I've been getting lately.  Thanks guys!  You have made my day♥

1 comment:

Lori ~ LL-K said...

LOVE!! LOVE!!! LOVE YOUR DOORWAY!!!! It looks so good!! It makes me smile everytime I see pictures of it!!