Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gardens Made Simple

Yesterday I got a new computer.  I stole it from Tom's office shhhh....don't tell anyone (wink).  Our main computer is still being fixed (those computer guys sure take a long time!) and I just couldn't handle NOT having a computer.  Plus, this way we will have two main home computers so there will be no resentment when someone is hogging the internet.  The best part?  It was free, it thinks it's a Mac (it's really a Dell) so it was easy to install - just 1 plug!  Love it already.

On to a different subject all together..........I thought I would share this cool garden tip that I saw on my facebook page.
Do you want to try planting some veggies but don't have room?  This looks fun and easy.  I love the description they give and I quote:

"This vertical garden created from a shoe organizer is brilliant for two reasons: One, it's a freaking shoe organizer that's been turned into a garden; and two, it gets everything off the ground to deter rascals like squirrels and bunnies from nipping at your veg."

Oh man that made my day!  Hilarious. Plus, why not?  They have other ideas too like turning an old file cabinet into a garden and using rain gutters for hanging planters.  I love creative minds.  Check them out at Ready Made

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