Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today is the last day of school.  Cassidy is leaving our little safe haven elementary school for the BIG Jr. High (sniff).  We brought in our teacher and office staff gifts and I will admit I got a tad teary when she was delivering and saying her goodbyes.  I was really teary yesterday when we gave Amberly's teacher her present.  We have been so blessed with amazing teachers, principal and school! 

After I left the school I was feeling sad so I went over to Target.  I needed to return a shirt and thought a little retail therapy would perk my spirits.  Just walking around Target puts a little spring in your step wouldn't you say?  

I love every single dish on those shelves (in picture below) melamine is my favorite because it's light, easy to hold a whole stack (great for arthritics like me) and come in such fun colors and shapes! I had to take a picture so I wouldn't fill my cart!

Have you seen the lemonade stand area? Everything you need to make some money.  I'm going to have to take my girls and see if they want to buy some of this darling stuff.  Those yellow and white striped cups came home with me...I couldn't resist.  I'm now going to get my toes done in my last two hours of freedom without kids. Happy summer!

Are you sad that school is over?
Do you take in teacher gifts?
Does target put a spring in your step?


Erin said...

Thanks a lot Cara, know I have to go to Target. We are giving Jack's teacher a pitcher with lemons in it and a lemonade recipe. I think she needs some cute cups too.

Lisa said...

Cute stuff. Target always puts a spring in my step and a dent in my wallet! I don't do teacher gifts. Maybe someday I will, but I never plan ahead. I'm SO GLAD school is out (for us tomorrow) I want our lazy schedule back!

robin said...

yes, target puts a spring in my step! i go there when i'm sad, too!

Cindy Reed said...

I LOVE Target! I don't go very often on purpose! Otherwise, I spend too too much!

I'm SOO excited that school is out! I'm so ready for a break! I think the parents should have a huge end-of-the year celebration every year, right along with the kids!

AND...yes, we do teacher gifts. This year we had TONS. Lacey had FOUR preschool teachers! Then we had Tanner, Braeley, and Ashlyn's teachers! Whew! But you, my cute friend, give the cutest gifts in the world! If I were a teacher, I'd want your kids in my classes just to see the fun things that you bring in, give, etc.