Monday, June 27, 2011

Cousin + Swimming = FUN

Slade, Cassidy, Jordan -June 2010
These cousins are getting so big and just love hanging out together.  As you can see...Cass doesn't care that she is the only girl among eight boy cousins.  The only other girls are Miss Abby and Miss London who are "Bestie Cousins".
 London and Amberly

This summer we are doing "cousin swim day" with both sets of cousins (on different days of course).  Life gets so busy with sports, school, piano/dance/voice lessons, Young Women/Young Men, Scouts, homework, etc (and that's just the kids schedule!) that during the school year it is so hard to get together. (We do, but it's hard)  We are loving the casualness of our weekly swim dates and the kids are having a BLAST!

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Jodi said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful summer braving the AZ heat. Where is this beautiful water oasis?