Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Dance

The girls and I got "Just Dance 2" for the Wii today.  Oh my funness!  Seriously, when people talk about having dance parties at their houses and the all kids converging at so-and-so's house to play this game - I now know why!  It's a great workout, the songs are fantastic can't help but laugh and enjoy yourself while dancing your heart out!  It's the perfect family fun!  Even Tom reluctantly agreed to try a dance with Abby then went for two more rounds!  Come on over and bring your remote.  We can have up to 8 players!


Webb Family said...

We played that with friends & I loved it well we all did! Mike & I pretty much made Kelsey try & then we couldn't get her to give up the remote. We should have a kids dance party before school starts.

Webb Family said...

Oh & we just got back from the wedding & it looked so beautiful! Your stuff was perfect. I sure hope you took lots of photos. I wished I had my kiddos with me to take family photos there. Loved it!