Friday, July 22, 2011


So I found this new blog this week and I ♥ it.........a lot Life Rearranged.  She is really quite clever and has tons of fun things on her darling blog.  Fridays are her "InstFriday" linky party so I thought I would join.  I love a good excuse to take pictures and document our life.  This is the deal-e-o:  Take pictures during the week using your cell phone.  Then post only cell phone pictures on Friday.  She uses the Insta App for her iphone but I used my regular camera phone app and then I used the Retro App because I thought it was a little more funky for the Friday post.  Wanna play along?

Abby has been so, so very sick for eight days today.  We have been to urgent care, our regular doctor and the dentist trying to find out how to make her feel better.  Diagnosis?  A major viral infection that has to run it's course.  hopefully she will get better soon.  It's so hard seeing my baby sick.

Cleaned out the girls rooms today.  Six garbage bags full of things to donate and two bags that went to the trash.  I told them I wasn't going to buy them one more thing for school until their rooms were in tip-top-shape.  Miss Abb's needs a little more help but she got too tired and doesn't feel good.  We will finish this weekend.  Next on the list? Kitchen cupboards and pantry!

It may be hot here but the Arizona sunsets are so gosh darn pretty.  I love the summers because we have clouds!  I ♥ clouds.  They only show up when it's blazing hot and humid but it makes things bearable to watch those puffy pretties!

I told you it was hot around here.  Proof is in the picture.  
I'm so used to it I don't even have the fan on high-haha.

This is my favorite water cup.  An insulated Jamba Juice cup.  I have to run by Circle K every now and then to grab a handful of long straws but it's totally worth it.  I drink 4 of these a day of ice cold water.

The only way we get to see rain is by going through the car-wash.  We went to this a couple of weeks ago and Abby is in love with the drive-thru-car-wash.  She now requests it when we are out and about.  Funny how the little things can make one so happy♥

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classic • casual • home said...

Fun day. I love a drive through car wash too... isn't life a little better with a clean car?