Monday, July 25, 2011

Clay Masks....... What Are They Good For?

The other night my girls found my mud mask.  Can I just say....hilarious!  I love the top picture of Miss Amberly looking up at her big sister and trying so hard not to smile. The second picture Cass is now trying not to crack a smile. I told them they couldn't talk or make any noise because it would crack the mask.  I should have thought of facials for my girls years ago!  They were silent and stayed entertained for a good 30 min!

I also told them my funny "mask" story which I will now tell you.  One time years ago my brother Matt and I were home alone.  We were teenagers, it was late and we were bored.  I suggested we do facials so we put a clay mask on our faces and then went to watch some infomercials (our favorite thing to do late at night).  I got up after awhile and went into the kitchen to get something to drink.  I walked in front of the back window and saw a scary person looking in the window with a mask on.  I screamed!  My brother came running and then there were two masked people looking at us through the back window!  I screamed again totaly freaked out.  My brother was laughing, doubled over dying!  I was so freaked out I couldn't move.  He then pointed out that the masked people!  Our refection in the back window with the clay masks on our faces made me think it was a bad guy.  O.K. this isn't near as funny/scary as if I was telling the story to you in person but it is one of those life moments that I have not forgotten about nor ever will.

Clay Masks - good for keeping your kids quiet and entertained and also a good story to tell your kids and grand-kids!

**any clay mask stories you want to share?**

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robin said...

jamie (fischer) and i would always put them on when we were roommates... and inevitably, that was when the boys would show up.